Helpfulness of the Passport Seva Kendra

Passport Seva Kendra: Passport is a very important document that is needed for everyone. It is to this very important document that you can travel from your country to another country. Along with that it also acts as identification. Everyone should have a passport especially the people who often travel through flights; they may also need to make a passport for their kids so that they can travel with them too. Passport also certifies that you are a citizen of the country and you have the right to go from place to place.

There are various reasons why you should have a passport, some of them are:

  • You should have a passport as it stands as the proof of your citizenship and nationality, so it is a must for international travel.
  • Passport works as an ID, and it is multipurpose in use. It also contains your photo so you can utilize it as an ID anywhere you need. Even children have it so it can be a bonus ID for them.
  • You should have a passport because you may have an offer coming from the company you work in.
  • If you are a student and want to study abroad or have just landed up with a scholarship then having a passport ready will be more convenient and easy.

In India, a passport is a reputed ID, and with the advent of foreign tours and abroad education it is getting important for a person to get a passport. Passport can be easily made online or with the help of Passport Seva Kendra. In past Passport was a tedious process and ill-informed people often faced problems with making a passport. In India, citizens can apply for three types of passports: Ordinary, Diplomatic or Official passport. Normal citizens apply for an ordinary passport that has a blue cover and consists of 36 or 60 pages, the passport is valid for 10 years, and after that, a person has to renew it. Along with the filled-up form, you will also need to supply valid identification proofs and will have to go through a police verification.

Helpfulness of the Passport Seva Kendra

Passport Seva Kendra
Passport Seva Kendra

What is Passport Seva Kendra?

Passport Seva Kendra is an initiative by the government where you get to proceed with the process of creating your passport, and the helpers help in the verification process as well as help you with much-needed information. Passport Seva Kendra’s are aptly situated in many cities including the big metropolitan cities like Kolkata and Mumbai. You have to fill the form and pay for the passport online, and then they summon you to the Passport Seva Kendra for further official work.

Passport Seva Kendra is a great initiative in its way as the process of acquiring a passport was quite tedious in the past, and the new services are helping people enroll more for a passport and also without a third party like an agent as it is so easy to do yourself.  Passport Seva Kendra’s are equipped with the right official staffs who can reduce the doubts of citizens, and they can help out in the process more efficiently. After enrolling for the passport, you can easily check out the nearest Passport Seva Kendra by just providing your pin code or the city you are located in.

Locating a Passport Seva Kendra:

If you are unsure of the Passport Seva Kendra near you, the site will definitely help you.

  • You have to visit the Indian passport site.
  • Visit the tab with the Passport Seva Kendra
  • You can either search using your present city or with your pin code.
  • According to the pin code provided or the city provided the site will give you the nearest Passport Seva Kendra from you.

Verification of documents is an important step while acquiring a passport so the Passport Seva Kendra’s play a crucial role in verifying your identity and for deeming you eligible for a passport or denying you of one. When you visit a Passport Seva Kendra, you will have to go through some processes before you can be sure of the passport being issued to you. You visit a Passport Seva Kendra once you have successfully submitted the e-form that has to be filled by you. </p/>

Steps that you would have to follow in a Passport Seva Kendra:

  • You will be thoroughly checked by the security.
  • You will need to collect a token to wait for your turn.
  • You can see the flashing token numbers on a screen. Make sure at this point that you have all the needed documents.
  • You will be required to visit the counter that has been assigned to your token number.
  • On the first counter, you will be asked to pay if payment has not been made. After that essential like biometrics and fingerprint are taken to update in their database.
  • In the Passport Seva Kendra, you have to wait again for your token number to be allotted with a second counter.
  • The assistant in the second counter of the Passport Seva Kendra will verify all the required documents to denote you as a just and valid person to acquire a passport.
  • You will need to wait for a third counter in the Passport Seva Kendra.
  • A granting officer is present in the third counter of the Passport Seva Kendra, and they will be the one to decide if you will be allotted with a passport or not.
  • You will be given a final status of the application at the passport Seva Kendra, and you can keep a check on it to find the required dates.

The Indian Government has made it easy for the citizens to apply for a passport by creating a site like the site can be used to track the passports and to gain knowledge regarding passports. Passport Seva Kendra is a big part of the site as the site allows you to locate the nearest passport Seva Kendra and also tells you when your application has been assigned to the process of verification in a Passport Seva Kendra. The site provides information like:

  • The e-form that is required to be filled for a passport is available on it and can be downloaded from the site.
  • The necessary information on police verification, documents required, verification process,
  • Passport Seva Kendra

Passport Seva Kendras are providers of peace for a lot of people especially students who are already toiling with the idea of foreign and they have to face the difficulties of acquiring a passport. In Passport Seva Kendra you will be assigned counters where they will hear you out, and miscellaneous assistants are also there to help you in any step so that you are comfortable enough. You can easily fix an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra on the date you will be available. They will cooperate with you as long as you have all the required things for verification. It is advisable that you carry the required documents and a printout of the e-form and challan and payment. The Passport Seva Kendra will be strict on your documents, so you have to be careful and stay away from any suspicious and unfaithful document. Be aware that if your application is canceled once then they will scrutinize it more the next time.

Quick verification and appointment in Passport Seva Kendra are often done for people who apply for a Tatkal Passport which also require a Tatkal charge. For our necessity, the Passport Seva Kendra also provide a helpline 1800-258-1800 calling on which you can get information about the location of your nearest Passport Seva Kendra and also ask queries on the documents that you have to provide at the time of verification at the Passport Seva Kendra. You can also call them to ask them questions on filling up forms and about the process of police verification and child passport.

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