Different Steps of Checking Passport Status, Check Passport Online Application

Different Steps of Checking Passport Status, Check Passport Online Application: Owning a passport is basically like owning the most important document of a citizenship according to the norms of different countries. A passport not only validates you as a citizen of the respective country but, it also comes to use when you aretravelling from one country to another. It is the only document of identity, which when produced, will allow you to travel from a country to another country. Having said about a passport, do note that it is not a very difficult process to make a passport, but it often takes a long time. Being the most important document, it has to go through a lot of security verifications and thus it may take months from the date of application to receive your passport.

Passport Status

Passport Status

Now, we have come across people, who become impatient about their passport status due to the amount of time being taken. This sometimes also results to the start of panic and accompanied by regular visits to the passport office to know the status of the application. Well, with the development of the world, checking passport status has also become easier. Today, we shall discuss the different steps to check your passport status.

Following are the steps by which you can check your passport status

  • Passport status check by online process
  • Passport status check by File number
  • Passport status check by name
  • Passport status check by SMS
  • Passport status check through mPassportSeva

Now, we shall discuss all the methods individually to give you a clear idea of what you can do to check your passport status.

Check your passport status via online process

To erase the complexity of checking passport status byregularvisits to the office, the way of checking your passport status is now completely conducted via online process. All you need to do is have a stable internet connection and a computer. Then, by some few clicks and entering details, you can check your passport status.

Check your passport status by the File Number

Now, before going into further discussions, you have first to keep your file number handy. The file number is the code consisting of 15 digits which are provided to you. You can find it on the top right corner of your application form.

Once you have your file number ready, follow the below mentioned easy steps to check your passport status.

Check your passport status by the File Number
Check your passport status by the File Number
  • Under “Select application type,” to check passport status, click on “Passport/PCC/”
  • Under the “File Number,” enter the 15-digits code which is provided to you
  • Under “Date of Birth,” enter your date of birth
  • Click on “Track ”

Once you have followed the last step with successfully entering all the required details correctly, you will now be able to see your passport status. Click on “Close” after seeing your passport status.

Check your passport status by providing your name

Sounds simple right? Just enter your name and get to know your passport status. If you are thinking of doing this, then forget it. No such services are bestowed yet. Are names unique? No, they are not! So how do you expect that you will get your passport status by just entering your name?There might be 100 more people having the same first name and the last name as you have.

So, be aware. This is fraud and any website claiming to show your passport status by entering only your name is fraud too.

Check your passport status by SMS

This is a legitimate process. Yes, you can check your passport status by the process of SMS. Introduced on 16thNovember 2013 this has been a common way of checking passport status for the ones who don’t have the privilege of checking it online. Please note that you have the provision to opt for the facility of receiving updates about your passport status through SMS alerts. You can opt for this either when you are submitting the application form offline or uploading the e-application form online. However, SMS services are not free of cost. They charge around ₹40. However, if you miss out to opt for this service why submitting anapplication form, you can visit the Passport Seva Kendra and pay the same amount by cash.

After opting for this service, you will be receiving a total of 9 SMS regarding the regular updates of passport status. But, you also have the provision to know the status of your passport status anytime. To do so, send an SMS in the below-mentioned format.

STATUS<Space><File Number> to 9704100100
For example, STATUS BNG071268435013 to 9704100100

Check your passport status by tracking facilities through mPassportSeva

The current world runs on the system of smartphones running on Android and iOS operating systems. So, now you can also check your passport status through mPassportSeva.

The mPassportSeva is an application for Android smartphones and iOS smartphones. To proceed any further with the mPassport Seva App, the first obvious step is to download and install the app on your smartphone.

For Android users, go to Google Play Store and search “mPassportSeva.” After the successful search, go ahead and click on the “Install” option to download and install the mPassportSeva App.

For iOS users, go to Apple iOS Store and search for “mPassportSeva.” After the successful search, go ahead and click on the “Install” option to download and install the mPassportSeva App.

There is a list of features that come along with this mPassportSeva App for your smartphone. Following are some of the best features available in the mPassportSeva App.

  • This app gives you a collection of information related to the application of a passport. All your queries regarding applying for a passport will be solved.
  • This app helps you check your passport status
  • This app helps you to locate the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or the District Passport Cell (DPC) by having access to your current location.
  • This app gives you the provision to use a free calculator. This calculator will help you in finding out the approximate fee which will be required to apply for a passport. Do remember, the amount of cash required for the application of passport varies and depends on the mode of application.
  • This app provides all the needful information to the citizens living abroad. You have all the information you require in regards to application of passport.

The mPassportSeva App for Android and iOS smartphones not only gives you the privilege of checking your passport status but also helps you with a lot of information regarding passports, thereby, keeping you free of any kinds of doubts regarding passport application and passport status.

Different messages which can be displayed on passport status tracking

Following are some of the messages which are likely to be shown when tracked for passport status. If you get any other message, then it is recommended you track again as you shouldn’t be receiving any other messages apart from the ones listed below.

  • Application Submitted
  • Application Under Review
  • Police Verification Pending
  • Police Verification Initiated
  • Police Report Submitted
  • Police Report Under Review
  • Police Report Not Clear
  • Passport Granted
  • Passport Printed
  • Passport Dispatched
  • Passport Returned Undelivered

Customer Support

If you have any further queries or doubts regarding the same topic, you can always contact the official customer support center of thePassport office. One can easily dial the toll-free number 1800-258-1800 to contact the customer support.

Do remember, that the timings for Executives serving citizens is from 8AM to 10PM and the computerized automatic voice undergoes for 24 hours.

Hopefully, now you know everything about passport status and how to check your status. So, from now onwards, do not panic, but do the needful to get to know your passport status easily. Also, you don’t have to bear the fuss or hectic experience of visiting the passport office on a regular basis to know about your passport status.