How To Renew Expired Passport? Steps Process of Passport Renewal

The process of Passport Renewal: Every citizen certainly understands the importance of holding a passport. Passport is certainly considered as the most important document for validating a person’s identity proof. The reason why, whenever anyone travels across countries, by air, road or water, the production of a valid passport is necessary. Every passport comes with validity, which when expired; one has to go through the process of passport renewal. Today, we are going to illustrate you the entire process for passport renewal along with the explanations at each level or step, so that you don’t have any sort of difficulties for renewing your passport. The process is quite simple and easy to follow if understood properly. That is, your concentration is required before we start the process of passport renewal.

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Passport Renewal

Passport Renewal

So, now when we all are ready, let us dig into the various levels you need to go through for the process of passport renewal.

Online application for passport renewal

Before you go through the documentations and verifications, the very first step is to apply online for your passport renewal. Also, do not get guided by wrong information regarding the re-issue of passport. These two are very different.

Difference between re-issue of passport and passport renewal

Before you go into passport renewal, it is important to know how it is different from re-issue of passport, so that, you do not get deviated in another route and thus land at a position far away from what you expected it to be. Re-issuing of passport is done when for some reasons, like, losing your passport or undergo of wear and tear, you are not able to use your current passport. On the other hand, passport renewal is re-validating your expired passport, which is in good conditions of use. Remember, re-issuing an expired passport will yield you another new expired passport.

How to go about the online application process for passport renewal?

To successfully renewing your passport, you must initiate the entire process by applying online for passport renewal. If you are uncertain of how to go about it, then following the below-given steps will take you right where you want to be.

Follow the steps for successfully applying for passport renewal via online.

  • Registering at the passport website or passport web portal

To register yourself at the passport website, simply follow the below-given steps.

  1. Visit the official website of passport that is,
  2. Click the option saying “Register ”
  3. Go through the list to select your passport office in your city
  4. Fill all the required credentials, such as Name, Date of Birth, etc.
  5. Provide your email id and password. Do remember to make a note of the same as these are the information you will be required to fill up while logging in for future purposes
  6. Click on the option saying “”
  7. Go to your provided email. There will find a mail stating the activation of the account. Click on the mentioned activation link provided by the Passport Authority of India

Now, you are successfully registered and ready to proceed with the process of passport renewal.

  • Fill up the passport renewal form online

Once you are successfully registered, and your account has been activated, the next step is to fill up the passport renewal form online. Following are some of the tips and consultations regarding the online form fill up for passport renewal.

  1. Log in to the official website for passport renewal,
  2. Click on the option which says “Renewal of ”
  3. Click on the option which says “Fill the application form ”
  4. Select under which option you want to apply. Normal or tatkal
  5. On coming up to the next page, now you have to fill in all the required credentials for form fill up. Please be very careful while filling up the credentials. The credentials include Name, Date of Birth, etc. This point will be verified so do keep concentration while filling up the form in this section.
  6. Now you have to enter all the details and the required credentials of your family. This point will be verified so do keep concentration while filling up the form in this section.
  7. Now, you have to enter details regarding your address. Enter it as per your official address, mentioning all the minor details like flat number, which floor and all. Once on completion of this step, click “”
  8. You will have few more pages coming up one by one, each demanding a different detail of yours. Fill up all the asked details and then proceed further to the next step.
  9. Now comes the verification page. All the details that have been entered by you will be compiled in an arranged and beautiful way, thus making it easier for you to check whether you have given all your inputs correctly. After successful verification, click on the option which says “Next.”
  10. In this new page, you are requested to enter the place and the date as per your norms of filling up the application form for passport renewal.
  11. Click on the option which says “Submit ”

Please note that the verification page is very important. Not only you, but even the passport office will undergo this verification page for your application for passport renewal. Any mistake will make you unable to apply for passport renewal. So, to avoid unwanted issues and complexities while applying for passport renewal, do concentrate and pay a lot of attention while undergoing the verification page.

  • Making the payment and scheduling a meeting or appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

This is the last and the final step. Follow the provided steps to successfully making a payment for passport renewal and getting an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) for manual verification and documentation for the application for passport renewal.

  1. Click on the option which says “Pay and schedule ”
  2. Now you need to enter the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) you want to visit for verification and documentation of application for passport renewal.
  3. Click on the option which says “Pay and book ”
  4. Now, you need to make the payment for the next step of application of passport renewal.
  5. After payment, take a print out of the receipt of payment for passport renewal for future needs at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)
  6. Once you get a date, visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) with the required details and documents for passport renewal. After the successful completion of application of passport renewal, your passport will be delivered directly to your home.

Documents required at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) for completion of the passport renewal process

In order to successfully complete the process of passport renewal, you need to produce the following documents during verification of passport renewal at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

  1. The original old passport
  2. A photocopy, which has to be self-attested, of the first two pages and the last two pages of your original passport, the ECR and Non ECR page, the page of observation (if provided by the Passport Issuing Authority), the extension of the validity page (applicable in cases of passport having a short term of validity)
  3. Proof of documents of ECR or Non-ECR

Passport renewal fees

The fees which need to be paid for the completion of application of passport renewal amounts to a sum of ₹1500 for passport renewal of 38 pages Passport and ₹2000 for passport renewal of 60 pages Passport.

These are all the necessities you need to know for applying for passport renewal. Hopefully, we illustrated the entire process nicely and had made it easy for you to go about. Following the steps exactly as mentioned will certainly lead you to renew your expired passport with ease and through a simple process.

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